Backpost: 4th of July 2007

I suppose it’s about time we release pictures of the event.  Their Aunt P was up visiting, and we went down to the local park like we have for the past two years to enjoy the crafts, music, and rides, ending the trip at Dairy Queen.

Pictures, at this point, are probably more enjoyable than me trying to remember it after over three months, so please follow this link to get to the slideshow.



Waiting for the bus… (welcome page change)

Simply attempting to start a ‘picture of the week’ kind of thing around here, so I’ve moved this wonderful picture of the kids waiting for T’s pre-kindergarten camp bus from the front page to here.

Pre-K Camp… *sighs*

Weren’t we changing diapers just a few days ago?  Time has certainly flown by too fast for some things.  I’m just glad that I’m now done with school so that I can enjoy his school years without having homework… hear all about the days.  He’s already declared that he’s marrying a girl he met at Head Start…

But he’s looking forward to school quite a bit, just wish all the supplies weren’t so expensive!!!

We’ve gotten everything though, so he’s ready, well, except for snack crackers (didn’t want to let them go stale or be tempted to eat them ourselves) and gym shoes (probably pick those out this Wednesday.)

Still, time certainly flies…


PS3 80GB Launches… with a game and loss of gaming…

I’d been seriously reconsidering my opinion about PS3 and XBox 360 for multiple reasons, the main being the PS3’s power and the 360’s Live Arcade.  360 backward compatibility isn’t overly interesting to me, I don’t have that many original games on that system, so the possibility of the few I have not working isn’t going to bug me much, especially since my Xbox doesn’t work very well anyway.

But the PS2 still works fine, and like the PS2 I expected that the PS3 would remain backward compatible with hardware emulation (meaning the PS2 and PSone parts are inside the PS3).  With the 80GB model, that changes, and concerns me.  Mostly because I have a lot of those games, its the system I played most before kids, meaning I have games there that I’d like to revisit later, such as my many RPGs (think of all those Final Fantasy games on rerelease discs such as 4, 5, and 6.)

The Wii is amazing, it’s a great family gaming system.  They’re easy to play for even my 3-year-old, and that’s good, but I’d like an easy way to play my games someday in the future (especially once a larger income is in the works, which hopefully isn’t far off at this point.)

I’m just scared, I suppose, that my classic gaming will be robbed of it being easily done because by the time I’m able to get a PS3 the only model available will be the 80GB model and some of my lesser-known games (such as Culdcept) won’t be compatible.

The format war doesn’t bother me much since if we have a Blueray player, and Blueray disks, who cares?  I’ll be able to watch those movies just fine, even if HD takes over (likewise if we get a 360… I know T and I would love some of those classic arcade games).

Hopefully Sony smartens up about this, obviously they’re not delivering a product right now that folks are actually wanting (just look at the sales of Wii, 360, and the PS3 all compared… Wii and 360 aren’t on shelves still very often) and taking away features at this point seems like a big stupid move, especially since it’s a cost cutting feature and they’re not lowering the price accordingly.

The newest one does come with a game, but it’s a game that can’t be 2-player without online play and the combined cost of upgrading your 60GB PS3 (or adding an external hard drive) and the game doesn’t, to me, justify the $100 when it’d be less than that to do it all yourself.


The Bound Copy Arrives!

Well, the bound copy of my Master’s paper arrived in the mail today, and with my Graduation pics now posted as even a blog entry I though it was only appropriate to post about this as well.

Of course, with anything on the Internet these days, I’ve been careful to blur out real names of locations and people.  You could, of course, figure it out with enough time and effort, but then those of you reading probably know the details that belong in the blurs.

So over to the upper-right we have the fully bound copy, and above is the binding itself, with my last name intentionally cut out. But that will be available in the library where I got my degree until somebody runs off with it (which has been known to happen, unfortunately.)

Finally, below are the title and acknowledgment pages.

The text reads:

Political Feasibility of Urban Renewal



An APP Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Joint Masters in Public Administration and Urban and Regional Studies


Political Science Urban Management Option

(University blurred)

May 2007


Without the inspiration of my father, (blurred) and the support and patience of my family, especially my wife (blurred), this paper would not have come to fruition.  Also thank you to the 2004-2007 POLS and URSI departments for their guidance and especially to my committee, Dr. (blurred), ‘Dr. Scott’, and Dr. (blurred).

And yes, I realize there’s a typo on the page, it was caught only after the final print, too late to fix but not major enough (given it’s the acknowledgments page) to warrant a reprint.


Drinking Ages…

MSN has a unique little article regarding the same debate that occurred back during the Vietnam era and then went away when the Baby Boomers started having kids of their own.

Personally, while responsibility and teaching it at a young age is good, that doesn’t mean that those teens need to be drinking the stuff to learn to be responsible.  The data that once suggested this arbitrary ’21’ has quite a few statistical holes, to be sure, and there are often opportunities to get alcohol in other ways, but that doesn’t mean that learning about alcohol has to be done by drinking it.

Continue reading

A new transition

For those of you who visit us on a semi-regular basis you’ll notice that we’ve transitioned again to Apple’s iWeb application.  This time the program is powerful enough that I felt it would actually be a worthwhile move.

It’s faster, more powerful, and overall just easier to post pictures and messages to quickly, so hopefully this time around we won’t run into as many backpost issues and my graduation and A’s birthday will be the last.


A little less wise…

RedFlare had her wisdom teeth removed today.  While the kids behaved themselves quite well in the dental office for the two hours we were there (one waiting because they were behind, another during her procedure) my poor lovely wife came out exhausted.

Seems they had to drug her not once, not twice, but three times to keep her out during the procedure.  So almost a dose of knockout whatever it was for every tooth.  Then she was quite… loopy.  I won’t go into the details as I know she wouldn’t want me to, but it was pretty rough for her.