The Bound Copy Arrives!

Well, the bound copy of my Master’s paper arrived in the mail today, and with my Graduation pics now posted as even a blog entry I though it was only appropriate to post about this as well.

Of course, with anything on the Internet these days, I’ve been careful to blur out real names of locations and people.  You could, of course, figure it out with enough time and effort, but then those of you reading probably know the details that belong in the blurs.

So over to the upper-right we have the fully bound copy, and above is the binding itself, with my last name intentionally cut out. But that will be available in the library where I got my degree until somebody runs off with it (which has been known to happen, unfortunately.)

Finally, below are the title and acknowledgment pages.

The text reads:

Political Feasibility of Urban Renewal



An APP Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Joint Masters in Public Administration and Urban and Regional Studies


Political Science Urban Management Option

(University blurred)

May 2007


Without the inspiration of my father, (blurred) and the support and patience of my family, especially my wife (blurred), this paper would not have come to fruition.  Also thank you to the 2004-2007 POLS and URSI departments for their guidance and especially to my committee, Dr. (blurred), ‘Dr. Scott’, and Dr. (blurred).

And yes, I realize there’s a typo on the page, it was caught only after the final print, too late to fix but not major enough (given it’s the acknowledgments page) to warrant a reprint.


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