Waiting for the bus… (welcome page change)

Simply attempting to start a ‘picture of the week’ kind of thing around here, so I’ve moved this wonderful picture of the kids waiting for T’s pre-kindergarten camp bus from the front page to here.

Pre-K Camp… *sighs*

Weren’t we changing diapers just a few days ago?  Time has certainly flown by too fast for some things.  I’m just glad that I’m now done with school so that I can enjoy his school years without having homework… hear all about the days.  He’s already declared that he’s marrying a girl he met at Head Start…

But he’s looking forward to school quite a bit, just wish all the supplies weren’t so expensive!!!

We’ve gotten everything though, so he’s ready, well, except for snack crackers (didn’t want to let them go stale or be tempted to eat them ourselves) and gym shoes (probably pick those out this Wednesday.)

Still, time certainly flies…


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