In case you missed it, Mom…

Same thing was posted on the old site, I’m just making sure you don’t miss it, Mom.


Singing children

A new transition

For those of you who visit us on a semi-regular basis you’ll notice that we’ve transitioned again to Apple’s iWeb application.  This time the program is powerful enough that I felt it would actually be a worthwhile move.

It’s faster, more powerful, and overall just easier to post pictures and messages to quickly, so hopefully this time around we won’t run into as many backpost issues and my graduation and A’s birthday will be the last.


A little less wise…

RedFlare had her wisdom teeth removed today.  While the kids behaved themselves quite well in the dental office for the two hours we were there (one waiting because they were behind, another during her procedure) my poor lovely wife came out exhausted.

Seems they had to drug her not once, not twice, but three times to keep her out during the procedure.  So almost a dose of knockout whatever it was for every tooth.  Then she was quite… loopy.  I won’t go into the details as I know she wouldn’t want me to, but it was pretty rough for her.