Altoholic: Fel Calls into #195

The Instance is one of the top World of Warcraft podcasts out there.  During their discussion of the new RealID feature in WoW they missed a key function of the ‘conversation’ feature.  While they’re right in that it should work differently (and better) they published my call in to their show offering a minor correction.

The episode can currently be listened to through a direct link here (new window).  My call is specifically at ~1 hour 3 minutes (12 seconds).  These guys do a good job of finding WoW themed music and overall have a good feeling for the pulse of the WoW community.

It was fun that on my first attempt to get through I made it!  But for those trying to get on, all I did was follow their tips: 1) be brief. 2) be to the point, 3) be clear.  Though for some reason I had a lisp for the recording… oh well.


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