Avengers Assembled Only for Boys? I Think Not

Watch this quick commercial clip and tell me if you see anything missing.

Boys and their toys, right?

Well in The Avengers, including the movie, we have at least one female lead. In this case: Black Widow.

So where’s the little red-headed girl with twin wrist stinger disc launchers? Why can’t my daughter play and imagine being part of this team of super heroes too?

My wife and oldest daughter are looking forward to this movie just as much as my oldest son and I am, so why aren’t my gals being marketed to in the same way?

Annoyed Daddy is annoyed.

Black Widow in Iron Man 2 does a great job showing she can kick butt. In the DisneyXD series Wasp shows the same spunk.

Now I acknowledge that little girls aren’t marketed to in the same way. Play kitchens, dolls, ponies… but if my daughter can kick my butt in a game of Magic the Gathering (won fair and square too thank you very much) and have an interest in said game why is she not being honored and welcomed into the Order of the Geek?

Rant concluded.


One thought on “Avengers Assembled Only for Boys? I Think Not

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