Well, after five years on iWeb and MobileMe (or .Mac) the whole process was announced to be shut down a while ago.

It’s time for a new format.

So, if you follow the blog in its current form from a direct URL bookmark, it’s time to update it. If you go to instead, there’s nothing to update.

The old site will stay live, and hopefully move if I ever change server hosts. So you should be able to always find it by going here:

or the blog here:

Likewise though, the network has three new pages (so far) on

It means that we also get comments again, along with their robust editing tools and myriad of other features.

I look forward to the new home, and will be transitioning posts as I have the time and opportunity.

The podcast has also moved, if you haven’t already noticed. The wordpress version of the site has a handy quick link menu to my other sites.

It’s sad leaving iWeb behind… a piece of an iLife suite from a few years ago. (iLife 2007?! was it really that long ago?) A posting system, look, and style that I’d grown extremely comfortable with.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to 4.0.

Please forgive the mess of formatting on any post prior to this one. I can’t guarantee that they will look perfect thanks to the transition.


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