Stay A While… And Listen: DJCutman Works

While listening to my usual podcasts yesterday they closed the show with a user submitted song. I rarely go and look up these artists afterward because the music choices just aren’t my cup of tea.

This guy, however, is.

So I grabbed the url and ended up eventually on his SoundCloud site.


For those of you who may not immediately recognize this, it’s the theme song from the town of Twoson from Earthbound.

Clearly an Earthbound game fan we also can enjoy a remixed inn soundtrack.

So if you’re a child of the NES and SNES, this is a fellow to check out.

I’ll close with remixes right out of Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy III (you know, the SNES US version that we grew up with… AKA FFVI), and Chrono Trigger that I greatly appreciated.

Secret of Mana:

Final Fantasy VI: The Veldt

Chrono Trigger:


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