Podcast Episode 58 Notes

Politics, technology, gaming… yep. I’m a gamer dad all right.

You can find the latest podcast here.


Mich lawmaker barred from saying Vagina

Rep Lisa Brown – Jewish Dem Speaks out… you decide.

So now they’re going to read the “Vagina Monologues” 

And contacting the guy that said she was out of order

WoW: Warlock Tanking – Big Blue is Back (in the beta)!

FBI Drops the ball on protecting children – Annoymous hacker network brought down quite a few of the sites… why can’t the government?

New Macbook Pro line

WoW: Fire Festival approaches

WoW: Female Pandaren Hair Highlights

Rumor: SWOTR going free to play? Currently has a level 15 F2P trial like WoW’s.

Ruthlessness of student loans… and parents left with the bill after a death

Nintendo Land for Wii U preview

WoW: The Return of Captain Placeholder!

Girl banned from blogging about school lunches… and then allowed again

Game of Thrones pulls DVD Season 1 from shelves… for a prop that becomes big news from the commentary

Magic 2013 Releases!

Civ V brings “Of Gods and Kings” expansion

Microsoft Surface Announced

Xbox Rewards turns Achievements into real things?

Xbox System Update – Meh

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