Podcast Episode 59 Notes

Ready for another round of podcast notes? Everything for episode 59 in a neat little package.

Here we go!


Supreme Court strikes down policy against curse words on broadcast TV

Apple legally refuses to sell iPad to somebody speaking Persian – badly defined laws badly defined

The Oatmeal lawsuit – EFF gets involved

Blizzard limits digitally purchased D3 accounts

E-Tank of Megaman Soundtracks

Namco developing Super Smash Bros.

New Super Mario Bros 2 will have DLC – New levels for ‘coin rush mode’

WoW: More flippable table details

TMNT 2012 Cartoon Trailer

WoW: Non account Bound Mounts List Gets an Update

WoW: Mists Box Reveal?

WoW: Next Beta Patch Brings Addons

Apple Admits Viruses Exist

FB comments are now able to be edited

FB Gives us (and makes us use) their emails as the displayed ones (and how to fix it back to how it was)

Star Wars Old Republic Brings Group Finder Feature

MarioMarathon – Raised $112k +

Free Little Big Planet 2 Stuff (this week only)

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