E3 Attack

IGN is up front as my main news source leader for this year’s E3. They aren’t disappointing me either, offering a pair of pages dedicated to some of the new games that have been announced.

Just so you’re aware, not all the links may contain T and lower game content. I haven’t screened all of the trailers because I’m sharing a small hub of everything that’s come through. If you’re sharing E3 with your children, please screen these first.

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Podcast Episode 55.5 Notes

In case some were wondering where the heck I get my information I thought it was high time I started saving said information somewhere.

You can always find the podcast here or the specific episode here.

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When Bad Timing Steals From Your Pocket

As I’ve mentioned before (I think) I’m an Amazon affiliate… so of course like a good Amazon fan I like to watch for their daily deals.

What stinks is that I can’t be glued to my twitter all the time… so occasionally I’ll miss something like this.

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