Podcast Episode 60 Notes

We hit 60! 😀

And you can find the podcast here.

The notes for the episode are after the break.


What not to do in social media: pointlessly attack people (another article on it here)

WoW: Tides of War Book Aug 28

WoW: Gamescon in Germany to premiere MoP Cinematic

WoW: Yak Price Increase

WoW: Collector’s Edition Mount/Pet

WoW: 5.0.1 Coming to PTR

WoW: Full, Current WoW license for $30 (This week only)

PSN: DC Universe Sale – in game marketplace, not the DLC

PSN: The Math of Playstation+ 12 Games on PSN = $289… or 6x cost of PS+ for a year

Kansas City website offers to remove mugshots from it… for a fee

Chrome for iOS announced

Diablo: Digitally purchased copies no longer capped

Assange of Wikileaks awaits word of salvation in Ecuador

Why some Xbox Live Arcade Games Vanish

Xbox: Halo 4 MP to require 8GB memory space

Six Strikes ISP piracy moves – supposedly started July 1

Truck Driver Shortage

Tinfoil Hat Time: Backscatter Xray Vans On Patrol

On Brave and Hunger Games

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