Zoo Time: Cavemen?

The zoo, as previously noted, gave us a lot of fun things to do and see like it does every time we go.

Silly photo opportunities being a fantastic example.

TJ, on the way to lunch at the food court, couldn’t resist posing “on” the dino, which started it all. You can see Little Miss’ hat poking up from behind as she eagerly waits for her turn.

I have yet to decide if the hat adds or detracts to the scene. I think given how much it highlights her personality it most certainly adds.

Not to be outdone, baby brother also wanted a turn. If you see me in the background it’s because I was. Somebody had to hoist that big baby boy up tall enough!

Always curious, you can just see those wheels turning as he can’t possibly resist looking down on the picture and imagining himself really on a dino!

 After the younglings it was high time I gave this thing a shot. A nice reward after holding Little Man up for so long in all his squirmy glory.

This also presents itself as a perfect future blackmail picture. Who knows when it will turn up after all!


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