Podcast Ep 61 Notes: The Facepalm is Strong With This One

News you can facepalm to can be found here.

PC: FF VII Approaches… with achievements?

PC: Gaming Mouse with a fan? no price listed

Consoles: Marvel Vs Capcom Origins

Marvel Super Heros

Marvel v Capcom (1)

Consoles: Ouya Kickstarter

Consoles: Awesomenauts Update brings balance, characters, and free!

WoW: Another Fire Festival Concluded

WoW: Guild Mentoring Program

D3: Banned for playing on Linux through WINE?

D3: Player Armory on its way

News: Couple arrested for dancing on subway platform

No ID, pulled out camera. Charged with resisting arrest and impeding traffic flow

News: Iran starting to feel the embargoes?

News: FBI Wants a Backdoor to your social media sites

News: SOPA Attempting to return

News: Laser scanner to check what you had for breakfast

News: Russia approves SOPA like law

Internet: Penny Arcade does a kickstarter

ExtraLife’s comic on kickstarter in the big picture

Internet: You Don’t Know Jack gets good press

Internet: The Booze Cube: Magic The Gathering Drinking Game

Internet: Newspaper required to reveal commenter

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