Zoo Time: Enjoying the Animals

Don’t forget to check out the other Zoo pictures (Dolpfun and Cavemen).

What’s a trip to the zoo without actually enjoying the animals?

The baby is pointing at Takin, we missed getting a shot of her reaction to one of her other favorite animals, the dohls.

The bird show was another hit of the outing.

Take a moment with the clip, the kids appreciated it and talked about it a while afterward.

Watching the grizzly bears always brings TJ, the oldest, a sense of peace.

I think we could leave him there and he’d be just fine for quite a bit of the day.

The last animal that brought them all joy were the penguins.

This was another one that the baby absolutely loved. I didn’t really get to watch the others because I needed to watch Newbie so closely. From what I hear, they all enjoyed them though.

Just a few more posts left for this one zoo trip. We caught so many great pictures that trying to shove them all into one post really wouldn’t do it justice. We look forward to going again sometime this year. With a family our size it’s not that big of a difference between one visit and a “membership” so we opted to go that route this time.


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