Podcast Ep 62 Notes

Scroll on down for all the show notes, or grab the episode here.

WoW: New RAF Mount: Obsidian Nightwing (and here)

WoW: Tradition of Cooking item set

WoW: Disc of the Red Flying Cloud

WoW: Even more Mists Mounts!

WoW: Pet Battle System Arrives

WoW: Tabards Return to Exalted Reward

WoW: 48 Dailies a Day Keep Life Away

WoW: New Pandaren Kite Mount

Shopping: Buy a PC, get an Xbox

News: Olympics are almost harder to get to than flying in the US

News/Tech: Hacker uses 3D printing to make handcuff keys

News/Medicine: HIV blocking drug 73% effective

News: Over Half of Detroit Homeless at Risk

Squatters Taking Over Detroit Foreclosed Houses

Michigan Gov Snyder Plans to Raze Empty Homes

News: Defense Cuts Potentially cost 2 Million Jobs

Politics: Senator Grothman of Wisconsin wants to outlaw being a single parent

Senate Bill 507 specifically requires “the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.”

3DS: New Super Mario Bros 2 New Trailer

Gaming: Woot!

Pokemon: Porygon in Pokemon Black/White

Internet/TV: Dr. Horrible 2 in production. Original on CW

Internet: Pirate Bay ISP blocking ineffective

Internet: Skype Allows Wiretapping?

Internet: Big Brother Facebook is Watching

So is the NSA

Internet: Amazon Adds More States to Sales Tax Collection

Technology: McDonald’s in France attacks man with wearable tech

McDonald’s Responds with a basic “nu-uh”

Technology: Windows 8 Approaches – October 26

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