Ready for School

Well, last weekend we went to the store and picked up school supplies.

Some of those seem outrageous. Why would a child need 24 dry erase markers? If they run out, send the parents out to get more. 5th grade is old enough that your child can tell you what they’re running low on at school.

We have a couple things left such as back to school shoes that will wait until we’re a bit closer, but I’m glad to have the supply shopping mostly out of the way early this year.

When we went through the backpack aisle to check the list (it was an empty aisle, we didn’t need new backpacks) Redflare spotted only two of these Avenger lunch-boxes and couldn’t resist the price.

Avengers was going to be our one summer movie. For some reason we ended up going and seeing Brave as well. Both were well worth seeing in the theater.

I hope their school years go well. About a month left of summer to go. I think it’s been a good one.


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