Zoo Time: Dino Thunder! (Part 2)

Enter again and follow us into the past (from part 1)…

…as the children climb all over the display dino.

This particular display was one that the zoo let the kids climb all over, naturally.

And like we discovered on this trip. Newbie insisted on share her new “cheese face“.

Her older brother doesn’t seem to be wondering what she’s thinking.

 Fortunately she did let us grab a candid shot finally. That’s Redflare hiding behind the dino’s head to make sure Newbie was secure.

And you can’t pass up the opportunity to pretend to be lunch I suppose.

Finally in this area was an egg that absolutely fascinated Little Man.

It kept him “eggtremely” still for at least five minutes as he chatted up the patient lady keeping watch at the information booth.

(Sorry, couldn’t help but try that lame joke…)

While in the area, can’t miss out on the puzzle.

 Little sister helping big sister (and Little Man helping too, of course).

Nana couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a couple souvenirs for the kids on this visit). She treated the babies to personal stuffed dinos to help remember the day.

 Though I think Nana will remember the treat that the baby gifted her too.

An opportunity to hold a sleeping Newbie.

To heck with the DQ treats Nana, you get to hold a baby!


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