Honoring Characters Past: Nariko

The game Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is going to bring us a lot of characters from the Sony era of consoles.


A new fighter: the star of one of the launch titles for the PS3 “Heavenly Sword”. This was one of the first games we got even though we were late to the PS3. I wish they’d patch in trophies, I know I’d go back and play it again.

My favorite memory from here was a scene where you play as an arrow shooting partner for Nariko. Can’t remember her name at the moment, but the fun here doesn’t matter. The goal of the scenario was that you were supposed to shoot arrows at the guys trying to prevent your guy from escaping.

(Yes, I’m being vague just in case somebody still has this in their backlog. :p )

 Redflare and I played this one together since it was a 1player one. The control scheme of the arrows was something Redflare was better at than I was so she had the reins.

The thing about it was, after a couple of tries, and because of the hour, Redflare decided to put this guy she was supposed to protect out of his misery.

Shot Shen right in the knee… long before Skyrim’s guard joke. Had to play the level over again a few more times before he finally got away.

I still manage to tease her about it on occasion… hi honey. 😉


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