Cowabunga Dudes! It’s Lego Time!?

That’s right, we’re getting TMNT legos! This first set comes with Leo, Mikey, “Dogpound”, a foot soldier, and the new version of Krang.

I haven’t caught this new series on TV yet (or on iTunes) but it looks promising. I’m not a fan of the animation styles I’ve spotted on the trailers but maybe it would grow on me if I watched it.

What I find funny about the whole thing is how Nickelodean is very insistent that they own the rights to these toys. I guess they’re the ones to blame that we can’t grab TMNT games on the Xbox or PS3 anymore too.

I suppose I’m both sad and glad we don’t have another TMNT video game announced yet now that we’ve evolved from the side-scrolling beat-em-up for the most part.

Sometimes it’s the small blessings.


5 thoughts on “Cowabunga Dudes! It’s Lego Time!?

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  2. I should probably grab my cousin’s attention on this one. I just realized that Krang actually has a jetpack. Looks like it’s a solid piece too based on this picture.

    No more using scuba air tanks as jetpacks like he and I had to do when we were kids!

  3. D’you know how much money it would be roughly? I’d say, if they’re priced similarly to most other sponsored sets, this noe would be maybe 30 or 40?

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