Episode 75 Notes

And we finally send the podcast live here!

WoW: The Voices… the Voices are Everywhere (in PvP)

Toys: Cowabunga Dudes! It’s Lego Time!?

Wii: Price Drop: $129! 2 Games Included.

Wii U: Controller Supposedly Lasts 80 Hours on One Charge

Xbox: Dashboard Update Incoming

Microsoft: Surface Prices Announced

$500 32GB without “touchcover” (same as iPad 3 16GB wifi model)

$600 32GB with “touchcover” (same as iPad 3 32GB wifi model)

$700 64GB with “touchcover” (same as iPad 3 64GB wifi model)

microSDXC expandability biggest bonus

Politics: Green Party candidates barred and arrested trying to enter debates

Tech: Amazon founder pushing for changes to patent law

Entertainment: DC Nation scrapped but Young Justice will hopefully live on

Entertainment: Ghostbusters 3 finally? But no Murray

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