Pumpkin Patch 2012

Another pumpkin patch trip arrives. This year was Newbie’s first opportunity to appreciate it.

She was proud of gathering and organizing some pumpkins.

Not to be outdone, big brother wanted to get his own pumpkin to the car.

 My daddy senses tingled though and once he got it rolling I helped steer. He was determined to get it halfway to the van though.

 Little Miss, on the other hand, had no reservations about recruiting my help.

TJ ran off and found his pumpkin fairly quickly and I loaded it into the van without much fanfare. He seemed more interested in exploring… and random silliness.

Once the pumpkins were found it was time to try and get some group pictures.

You can see how that turned out…

Or didn’t… however the case may be.

The kids did a lot of “charging forth” and left their little sister behind. She was determined to follow everywhere they went, even if it did take a bit longer than she would have liked.

 Can’t you just hear a little voice calling out “wait for me!”?

*toddle toddle toddle*

A good outing. We got some pumpkins to seed and decorate next weekend and we have some outside decoration for our home for the next week.


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