The Cat of the Pumpkin Patch

So while the trip to the pumpkin patch was a success this year enjoyed a rare visitor that seemed to love kids.

All the kids befriended a farm cat. TJ and the teenaged cat seemed to take a liking to each other the most.

He wasn’t the only one to make friends though.

 The amusing part here is that it was hard getting a picture without a baby head suddenly appearing in the frame but on this one you can still see how Little Miss is happily content with the very happy cat.

I’m proud of how gentle even the younger two were with the cat though. Studying, jabbering, but never hitting pushing, or being rough. Only petting.


Newbie happily told us all about the kitty though.

 To the point that, occasionally the cat did seem a bit nervous about it, but not enough to leave.

 I was ready to swoop in at any time. It made me slightly nervous letting the cat be surrounded but thankful having grown up with cats I could tell that this one didn’t seem to mind all the attention. In fact she seemed to really appreciate it.


When Newbie felt I was slightly too far away at one point she came to grab my hand and pull me in closer.

Daddy should be meeting this cat too she seemed to be saying.

After guiding me to the cat she also guided my hand to make sure I knew the proper way of petting her. Newbie was satisfied quickly and toddled away.

The pumpkins most certainly became a side act and were quickly upstaged by this cat. Healthy fur coat, happy, loving disposition… we had to reassure all the kids multiple times that she must be well-loved as they were worried for her. They wanted to take her with us. She followed us about halfway to our van when a college-age couple found her and gave her the same star-of-the-show attention as the kids were.


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