Podcast Episode 74 Notes

And ready for a short episode 74 over here?

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Chillin’ at Lion’s Park

We were in the neighborhood and had some spare time so it seemed like the perfect reprieve rather than repeating to the poor babies “no” as we waited for their swim lessons.

It was a good plan.

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Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Normally we enforce a strict 7:30 bedtime for school nights and a 8:30 Friday/Saturday bedtime but since I was off at a Magic the Gathering pre-release event (as mentioned on the podcast here) Redflare thought she would make an event at home that was just as special: they could stay up as long as they wanted!

The first to fall was surprising, especially where he did:

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What’s the Deal With Monsanto?

So there was this twitter conversation with an old friend:

And it inspired me to do some googling and a Seinfieldian style title.

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Little Miss’ First Day of School

Like TJ’s first day of school picture I know we’re a bit behind… but we are posting it, so I’m content with that.

Her teacher is younger than us too!?

Found that out this weekend.

She’s flourishing in the realm of 3rd grade. Spelling and math are probably still her strongest suits. She has a faithful best friend who has visited our home and she hers. They’re even in ballet lessons together.

I foresee a very satisfying school year for this little girl.


TJ’s First Day of School

I know… I know… School has been going on now for a good month but we’re busy with a household of four, all right?

They just had their school pictures shot so those should be coming home in a few weeks and it made us realize that we haven’t updated the blog with good pictures in a while.

The school year of 5th grade has gone well for him so far. It’s strange that he has a teacher younger than us for the first time. I rather like it. They look at us with a deference and respect that some of the older teachers lacked. Homework is still an issue, but not as much of one as it has been in the past since he’s used to it now.