New Playstation All-Stars Characters Incoming: Kat

One thing my daughter often complains about regarding video games is that there aren’t enough female characters.

She’s right of course. The characters that show up are either scantily clad so there’s no question as to their purpose or aren’t there at all (with a few exceptions of course).

While the new character from Gravity Rush (Vita game for the uninitiated) suffers a little from the odd outfit she also looks like a strong new DLC character that my daughter may appreciate.

Shame there’s an overabundance of blonde characters though.

This new character is free for the first two weeks of availability come Feb 12. If you’ve been waiting to pick up this great game, now’s your chance to do so and get two new characters that everyone else will be learning too.


2 thoughts on “New Playstation All-Stars Characters Incoming: Kat

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