Episode 94 Notes

And here we go!

WoW: PvP Season Ends March 5

WoW/News/Politics: Majority leader gets it wrong about gaming study

Rated “Pants on fire” by politifact

D3/Playstation: Coming to PS3 and PS4 “soon”

4 player co-op!

My wishlist

D3 Wishlist Strikeout

PS4 Announcement Quotes:

PS4 not backwards compatible

PS4 Sharing heavily integrated

Summed up in 3 and a half minutes (parental advisory)

Star Wars: Episode VII Mark Hamill interview

IGN: Commentary from editor in chief regarding layoffs

PS3: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer goes FTP

Entertainment: Robert Downey, Jr. and Iron Man

News: Toy Mortar Mistaken as Real: Police Raid House

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