Unboxing the Wii U

So first off, this isn’t a true “unboxing” video like I’ve done for some other things.

Mostly because I was sneaky with this.

I unboxed and set up the Wii U after our old Wii broke, staying up late to copy over the save files, Virtual Console content, and the like.

As usual, at least one of them was more interested in the box. :p

I know, I know, it’s time for me to eat crow.

I’ve ranted against the Wii U a few times at this point. The thing is, efficiency still won. Wii was broken, we could lose all our save files when we sent it in for repairs or we could rescue them with a transfer. The time difference of not having to unlock everything again, along with the games that we do want for the Wii U, pushed us over.

Children are amazingly adaptable. It didn’t take this little guy much time at all to understand how to use it.

The same is true for the others, but the look of pure concentration on Little Miss’ face was enough to be sure to post this one too.

The Wii U has been used in our home every day since it was set up so far. Sure we’re sometimes firing up something like Wii Fit Plus but this just goes to show you how unreliable our Wii had become. I think it had been “sick” for a while actually and it just took a while for we parents to learn it.

It’s been a good purchase, and I have no regrets.


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