Beyond: Two Souls Trailer Reaction

First off, minors, go away.

All right, you’re not minors if you went after the break. They drop an F bomb along with heavy drama so I just wanted to get that out there.

First, enjoy the trailer.

Now, I have a hope for this game after playing the fantastic “Heavy Rain” made by the same development studio. I have a hope that this won’t turn into a ultra-violent run and gun and instead is a dramatic choose your own adventure like its predecessor.

If you haven’t been actually following the blog past the regular postings of the podcast notes I’m a dad. “Heavy Rain” struck very close to home due to Ethan Mars’ quest in that game. It’s a reason to own a PS3.

I’m a dad of little girls too. The father in that trailer scares the crap out of me. Why? Because I wonder what I would do in his shoes. Would I reject my daughter as he does in the clip or would I try to support her like the mother does (but turns her back because she has no idea how to help).

Gaming should be at least one of two things: dramatic, story-driven pieces that make you think or fun time fillers that help you relax. Sure that’s not the end-all-be-all to gaming, but most games will land somewhere on that spectrum (or have aspects that will).

Here’s to giving a game some needed hype in a time when most of the buzz is around all the new consoles. I only hope that this game can successfully follow in the footsteps of “Heavy Rain”.


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