Episode 114 Notes: The Civilization Raptr Conspiracy Report

Episode 114 has landed!

WoW: Pet Store Expands!

WoW: Datamined Texture

WoW: Transmogrify Items Hit the Store

WoW: Children’s Book Series Announced: “Snowfight”

Street Fighter: Super Street Fighter IV Gets Five More Characters for $15

WiiU: Olimar Confirmed for Smash Bros.

News/Entertainment: Hugh Jackman Wants to be an Avenger

News/Politics: NSA works with Microsoft for access

News/Politics: Tampons Being Banned from Texas Legislature

News/Politics/Tech: President Obama Signs Executive Order: Allows Him to Shut Down Communication Systems

News/Politics: Police Asset Forfeiture

Tech/Shopping: Nordstroms (and others) testing in store tracking tech

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