Episode 118 Notes: X1 Goes Spinning

Bring out your notes!

Bring out your episode 118 notes!

WoW: Burdens of Shaohao Part Two: Despair

WoW: Burdens of Shaohao Part Three: Fear

WoW: Burdens of Shaohao Part Four: Violence, Hatred, and Anger

Blizzard: Battle.net Launcher… Launches!

WoW: 5.4 Cinematic Trailer!

Xbox: MS Points Converting to Local Currency

Xbox: Xbox Family Accounts Set to Retire

Xbox: No Longer Requires Kinnect to be Always Plugged in

Xbox: Harassment Goes Unpunished Until Stink is Made

Xbox: X1 Self-Regulates Heat

3DS: 200k Mii Plaza Game Downloads

Sony: Awesomenauts to be on PS4

Gaming: Skylanders Dark Collector’s Edition

Mobile: Plants v Zombies 2 Launches… FTP!

News: Guy Sues Gamestop Over DLC and Subway Over Length of Subs

News: Constitution Free Zones Around All Borders

News: Email Gmail Users, Don’t Expect Privacy

Entertainment: Vin Diesel Groot Rumors

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