Episode 119 Notes: Release the Hounds!

And now for the patch notes for the latest show!

FF: Humble Bundle Code Giveaway Contest

Gaming: Origin Humble Bundle Updated

WoW: Burdens of Shaohao Part Five: The Shattering

WoW: Siege of Ogrimmar Release Date Announced

Blizzard: Hearthstone Beta Now Live

Diablo: Reaper of Souls announced

Diablo: New Class: Crusader

PC: Awesomenauts Starstorm Kickstarter

PC: Origin Offering Refund Program

PC: Sims 4 First Look

Sony: PS4 Release Date: Nov 15 in the US

Playstation: PS4 Owners Get 2 Week PS+ Trial

Playstation: PS4 Controller Additional Colors: Blue and Red

Vita: Price Drop! $200

Tech: Lavabit Shutting Down Due to Government Requests

Politics: “Proper Channels” for Whistleblowers Don’t Work

Politics: Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years. Parole chance at 7

Entertainment: Ben Affleck Announced as Batman in “Man of Steel 2”

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