Zoo: Newbie Souvenir Recap

Speaking of souvenirs yesterday Newbie here refused to let go of her “precious stones” after joining her siblings in selecting a bag of polished rocks.

You can see here how she held on to that bag for dear life.

The star souvenir still is the gift elephant from Nana during the previous zoo trip though:

She hasn’t even let us pack it yet. It’s one of the few toys she’s insisted on keeping out as we prepare to move.


2 thoughts on “Zoo: Newbie Souvenir Recap

  1. This picture of Newie with her elephant, kinda choked me up. I remember how she grabbed it and held it close. Nana did something right! 🙂

    • Nana did something very right! 🙂 While doing the final cleanout last night of our old place I found her tiniest elephant toy. She was ecstatic that I it was found this morning.

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