Changes Come

As I mentioned on the podcast last week… assuming everything has worked out as we were hoping when I began scheduling this post, we are moving today.

The months of waiting, of paperwork, of worry are all hopefully coming to fruition. (We initially made our offer in October 2012).

A renting chapter of our lives is now hopefully over forever. We place a foundation today that will leave a homestead for our growing clan as we prepare for the next large change in our lives.

Fünf here is due around Christmas so the house is coming at just the right time for us.

Certainly something to think about. 🙂

Perhaps concentrating a bit too hard though, you’ll have plenty of time to ponder life, little Fünf, don’t worry about it now.

Change comes to everything.

For instance, my former more macho self prior to parenthood might have been a little taken aback by Superman wanting to try out what Redflare does and crochet.

 And not given a second thought to Newbie trying the same.

Don’t even get me started on how technology has evolved since my childhood…

As we move, the podcast may be quiet for the first time ever for a week or two. We need to get all our utilities switched over and turned on. The lack of cable Internet was almost a dealbreaker for us as Mediacom no longer provides for where we’re moving. Fortunately, we found a DSL provider.

Monk of Mists and this site may also go quiet.

Don’t be alarmed, we’re “just” moving.

Wish us luck as we pack our lives in a truck.


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