Episode 120 Notes: The Epic Return (from under a rock/move) Parts 1 and 2

Part 1!

WoW: Trading Card Game Shuttered

WoW: Movie Starts Filming Jan 13

WoW: Dawn of Aspects Paperback Inbound

WoW: 5.4 Ending Cinematics!

WoW: Trivial Pursuit Version!

WoW: Blizzcon Virtual Tickets on sale

WoW: Connected Realms Started

WoW: Proving Grounds

WoW: Hippogryph Hinted

WoW/Blizzcon: Community Choice Poll

D3: Auction House to be retired (March 2014)

D3: Free to Play to Skeleton King on consoles

D3: Digital Shirts… for a $1

Hearthstone: Beta Wipe Immanent

Hearthstone: iPad internal testing started

Blizzard: Blizzcon Tickets on Sale and Virtual Ticket Rewards Announced

3DS: Nintendo 2DS Announced

Wii U: $50 Price Drop Announced

Wii U: Free Trial for Wii Fit U Nov 1

Wii U: “Sports Club” Announced. Brings Wii Sports games to eShop for $10 each ($50 total) Brings Miiverse and MP online support

Wii U: Gamepad Play for Wii games Enabled (also keyboard use)

Wii U: Sonic Confirmed for next Smash Bros

Wii: Production to end soon

Wii U: Mario/Luigi Themed Wii Remotes

3DS: Nintendo Zone Relay Points Now Grant 6 Passes

Part 2!

Vita: New Model in Japan 1GB Internal memory and impending 64GB cards, multiple colors

Vita: Lemmings Touch Announced!

Vita: Vita TV

PS3: Final Fantasy XIII-3 Opening Cinematic

PC: Everquest 2 Allowing Level 85 Character Purchases

News: NSA Workers Spy on Personal Matters

News: NSA “Metadata” More Revealing than Government Wants Us to Believe

News: CNN Caught Staging Syria Segments

News: Teen Arrested for Giving Goodwill 50% Store Discounts

News: Mother Shot While Driving into Capitol Barricades

Entertainment: Captain America 2 Will Feature Black Widow

Politics: Media/Journalist Shield Law

Education: How one Class Ruined Programming

Tech: iPhone 5S Fingerprint Hacked

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