Episode 122: The Joys of Assumptions

We ready for episode 122?

WoW: Blizzcon in a box contests

WoW: Refer-A-Friend New UI Revealed

PS4: DC Universe Online Preparing for next console

PS4: Party Chart with up to 8 players

Wii U: New Deluxe Bundle Includes Mario/Luigi U Games

Wii U: Mario World 3D Trailer

Tech: CryptoSeal VPN Shuts Down

Apple Tech: New PowerBooks!

Apple Tech: iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini

Entertainment: Netflix has more subscriptions than HBO

Tech/Politics: GPS Trackers Require Probable Cause

Politics: No Proof to NSA Catching Terrorists

Politics: Police Mailing Prostitution Warning Letters

Politics: Obamacare Cancelling Millions of Insurance Plans (breaks promise)

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