Little Miss Dance at Assisted Living: Song 1

So, this may not work since YouTube is being persnickety with the music she’s dancing to but we’ll give it a shot.

It’s that odd balance between copyright holders and making sure family can see family across the country.

We’re about a month out from the official performance, and you can tell, but that’s okay. One reason I recorded these was so that she’d be able to watch and learn.


Nintendo Suspends Swapnote

As Polygon (and anybody with a 3DS) can now tell you, Nintendo has now suspended Swapnote.

Don’t know what Swapnote was? Think of it as a texting service on the 3DS. If you were 3DS friends with somebody you could draw them a picture, send them a picture you’ve taken with your 3DS, scrawl out a message.

Why are they suspending it? Because children are being exposed to inappropriate content because they’re sharing their friend codes online with strangers.

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