Episode 123 Notes: The Overkill Option

Episode 123 has been released!

Diablo: Adding Transmog and Enchanting

Blizzard: Blizzcon Attendees Get Virtual Ticket Included

Blizzard: Blink 182 is the closing ceremony event

PS4: Controller works with Mac?!

Vita: Vita TV Japan TV Commercial

Wii U: Sports Club will download via spotpass automatically

3DS: Nintendo Suspends Swapnote

Mobile: Double Dragon Trilogy on its way

Entertainment: Charmed Remake in the Works?

Politics: Employee Fired Due to False Oakland Police Accusations

Politics: White house tentatively supportive of NSA changes

So they’re just going to make it all legal

Politics/Tech: Seattle Mayor Being Campaigned Against

Politics/Tech: File Decryption Protected by 5th Amendment

Life/Tragedy: TSA Officer Killed in Shooting at LA airport

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