Episode 125 Notes: Returning to a Schedule

And here we are with episode 125’s notes!

WoW: Flight Likely Delayed to 6.1

WoW: 6th Expansion Already in Development

Hearthstone: Card Sleeves are Coming

WiiU: Luigi Bros Skin Available in Mario 3D World

WiiU: 10 New Things in Mario 3D World (Like a 5th Character!)

3DS/WiiU: MiiVerse Coming to 3DS/eShop Balances Merging

3DS: YouTube App Coming

Playstation: PSN Store now on Amazon

Tech/Politics: Google Book Scanning Deemed “Fair Use”

Politics: Writers are Practicing Self-Censorship

Politics: Boston Police Claiming Contacting PR Officer is Illegal

Life: US Airways Kicks Blind Man Off Flight

News: Hacker Calls SWAT team on himself

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