Episode 128 Notes: On “the List”

And here are the show notes for episode 128! Don’t forget to hit the video version this time around for the best copy. Something went horribly wrong with the audio export.


WoW: On Sale until Jan 1

WoW: Streamer Raided Over False Accusations

Gaming: Ultra Street Fighter IV Release Date/Price ($15 Upgrade in June)

3DS: Altered Beast 3D

Gadgets: Amazon Prime Air

Politics: Federal Watch List Grows to 700k

Tech: FBI can secretly turn on laptop camera without indicator light

Politics: No Fly List Trial Delayed Because Witness Put on No Fly List

Politics: NSA Tracking 5 Billion Cellphones

Politics: “American Legislative Exchange Council” Calls for Penalties to using Solar Panels

Life: Actor Danny Wells (Luigi of the Mario Show) passes

Danny Wells IMDB

Entertainment: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman in next Superman

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