It’s Time to Catch Up

So as should be obvious, I’ve been quiet on both the podcast and Monk of Mists for a while.

We were expecting a new little bundle to our family! She has finally arrived and the Thunderer is doing quite well. Born 12/29/13 at 11lbs and 3.5 oz at 10:29AM.

To that end, I hope to, going forward catch up on all the posts and great pictures that we’ve missed out on through the fall and winter, leading up to Christmas and Thunderer’s birth.

Will you get to see cute pictures of the new baby? Sure! When? As soon as we’re caught up.

Why? Because my other children are amazing and deserve a spotlight too.

So keep watching. We’re not going anywhere. Just took a bit of a hiatus due to real life needing my energy. Oh, and the podcast should return very soon too.


One thought on “It’s Time to Catch Up

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