Backposting Fall: SOLD

And if there’s any wonder why it took us so long to really get moving again? It’s because we moved!

Between school starting, trying to settle in, and pregnancy is it really any wonder that we didn’t have much energy to make any posts until now?

Heck, I’m not sure I still have enough energy. :p

We waited for this house since October 2012. It was well worth the wait. If Redflare didn’t put pictures of the house in the blog folder I’ll see what I can do about that. I’ve snuck one here and there.

It’s nice to finally be HOME though.

So we’ll start this backposting catchup with the move officially being over. It’s been a wonderful few months of living here so far. I look forward to hopefully spending the rest of my life here together with Redflare.



3 thoughts on “Backposting Fall: SOLD

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