The Beds Go Up

Now that we had successfully closed on the house and celebrated that fact it was time to get the beds put together.

We had been wary of doing anything huge (aside from moving) until all the paperwork was official so we could, in a worst case scenario, get the heck out of here relatively easily.

To that end, Newbie wanted to be sure to have a hand in “helping” put her own bed together.

She also “helped” explore the back yard to make sure the fence was sound.

And was highly offended that this particular gate was locked.

She also helped inspect the basement while the rest of us swept up all the dead bugs.

Looks like one personality quirk of our new home is that every fall we’ll need to sweep the basement of bug carcasses because critters like the harmless box elder bug get in and can’t get out. At the time of move in there was a very large quantity of these bug bodies but I remember having to go downstairs this fall and do a much smaller sweep to clean out the invaders from that season.

While they waited patiently for their beds to be fully installed they made good use of all the mattresses being spread out in the living room though. Superman was quick to claim a neat cabinet in the living room for his toys, and as we unpacked it became home to some of his books as well.

Amazingly he’s been great at putting his books back in that cabinet, so I’m betting that will be his little hideaway cabinet for some years to come.



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