Episode 130 Notes: Happy New Year! Many Raptr, Many News, Handle It!

And here’s the podcast! Back in action!

Site/Network: Catching Up

Education: Undercover Cops Entrapping Kids

News: Target Card Breach

Politics: Missouri Wants to Ban Federal Gun Laws

Tech: Amazon Revokes Access to Christmas Movies

Tech/Politics: NSA Phone Spying Unconstitutional

Tech: NSA can access your wifi from 8 miles away

Politics: Police Raid Without Warrant Based on “Source”

Politics: Woman Searched, then Billed for Search

Politics: Drug Dog Science Called into Question

Politics: US Government Near Top in Google Removal Requests

Education: MN Gov. Dayton Closes Schools for Jan 6

Internet: JibJab Year in Review

Gaming: Konami Classic Arcade Games Missing from PSN

PS4: Playstation Now Announced

Gaming: Magic: the Gathering Modern Event Deck Announced (sleeves, cards, tokens, and life counter for $75)

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