My Gamer Little Girl

I can’t fully recall the circumstances of why she was sitting at my desk on a 3DS and I was behind her, but I thought it was a perfect profile shot of my oldest baby girl enjoying gaming.

If you can’t tell, here she’s playing Tetris.

Started them young.

So if anybody ever doubts her gamer girl cred in the future — though hopefully that idiocy will be gone from gamer culture by then — she can just point to stuff like this.

Oh yeah, she has a Death Knight in WoW too (among other characters). :p


7 thoughts on “My Gamer Little Girl

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  2. My youngling is almost 2 and won’t let anyone play a game if he doesn’t have a controller as well. Your daughter is adorable.

    • We tried giving our toddler daughter a broken PS3 controller fir a while. Didn’t work very long.

      The two gaming girls adore “cat Mario” the most right now. Wii U only rests when we moderate their time or the gramepad’s battery dies.

      And thanks!

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