Episode 131 Notes: The Three Halves Become Whole

Episode 131 Arrives! In parts. Part 1 and Part 2... and Part 3!?

First Batch if news (to catch up)

WoW: PrePurchase WoD and get your 90 right then

WoW: Iron Skyreaver Store Mount

WoW: Human Female Model Clips

WoW: Lvl 90 Character Boosts

WoW: Warcraft Infographics

WoW: Scroll of Resurrection Retired

Hearthstone: Open Beta!

StarCraft: In-House Design Tools Open to Modders

SimCity: Offline Mode Confirmed

Magic: The Gathering: Born of the Gods Trailer Revealed

Wii U: Nintendo Reducing Projected Sales to Loss

Wii U: Virtual Console to Include Nintendo DS

Life: Thunderer’s Birth

Life: Thunderer Comes Home

Tech: Geothermal Energy Exploration in Iceland

Toys: Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Lego Project Announced

Entertainment: Star Wars VII Script Complete

Entertainment: Sly Cooper Movie Planned

Mobile: Flappy Bird!?

More news! (To be current)

WoW: Lvl 90 Boost Revealed at $60 for short time

WoW: Skirmishes and Spectator Modes

WoW: Female Orc Improved Model Revealed

WoW: Proving Grounds Silver Rating to be Required for Heroics

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