A Thunderer’s Day

The Thunderer has an advantage that the others just didn’t have: we have digital cameras.

This one’s whole life will likely be digitally photographed.

When TJ was born, we were still using a 35mm film loaded camera. Remember those things? Kodak’s bread and butter.

“Bread and butter? No thanks, just milk.”

“Ah, that’s the stuff, thanks Mommy.”

 “Now? Now it’s playtime! Right big sister?”

 “Yes, sister. I shall teach you the ways of mischief.”

 “Join me in my tent so we may plot and play together!”

 “As soon as I get this nap in…”

Eat, sleep, save extra poopy diapers for Redflare, and play. The life of a Thunderer is a good one. Newbie helps make sure that each day remains exciting and very interesting.


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