Episode 132 Notes: The Torch’s Return

Episode 132 arrives!

WoW/Heroes of the Storm: The WoW Hero List

WoW: WoD Preorder Announcement Trailer

WoW: And the Preorder Itself

WoW: PvP Will Offer Armor Satchels

WoW/Hearthstone: The HearthSteed

Hearthstone: Now on iPad

Hearthstone: Fireside Card Back

WoW: World Bosses Don’t Tap to Faction Anymore

WoW: Draenor Alpha Begins

Blizzard: Blizzard’s April 1st

Blizzard: Chat Enabled on Bnet Launcher

D3: Free Hearthstone Cards

D3: Reaper of Souls Sells 2.7 Million Copies

Xbox: Xbox One Price Cut in UK

PS3: Persona 4 Coming as a PS2 Classic

PS4: Sony Unveils VR Headset

PC: Steam Family Accounts Available

Street Fighter: All 5 Ultra Edition Fighters Now Announced

Sony: Playstation All-Stars Updated

PC: CCP Games Discontinued World of Darkness MMO

Entertainment: Harold Ramis Passes Away

Entertainment/WoW: WoW Insider Cuts Class Columns

Entertainment: Star Wars VII Starts Filming in May. Goes 30 Years After RotJ

Entertainment: Incredibles 2 Announced

Entertainment: Stephen Colbert Named Successor of Letterman

Entertainment: Amazon Buys Comixology

MtG: #CrackGate at a Tournament

Shopping: Sbarro Files for Bankruptcy

Shopping: Amazon Prime Price Increases

Nintendo: Wii/DS Wifi services being discontinued

Gaming/Social/Tech: Facebook Buys Oculus Rift

Gaming: Origin Says Goodbye to Discs

Gaming: Hobbit Lego: Third Movie Will Be DLC

Politics: Roommate Disagreement: Police can be allowed in

Politics: Apple Pressuring Arizona Regarding “Anti-Gay” Law

Politics: Saudi Arabia Labels Everyone a Terrorist

Politics: FBI Sanctioned Terrorist Hunter Reported as Terrorist

Politics: Netflix Paying Others for Traffic Deals

Politics: US Government Testing Internet IDs (MI and PA)

Education: School Bans Backpack for Being a Bullying Target

Tech: Dropbox scans public links for DMCA violations

Tech: Amazon Fire TV Announced for $99

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