Enjoying Some Weekend Karting

Redflare, the older kids, and I all enjoyed a 4 player match of Mario Kart 8, and I couldn’t help but share a couple of our exploits from the races.

She rules the road in style, my Redflare. Sliding in to feed Rosalina a banana before moving on to her next victim… her own son!

His sister avenges him in the final course of Mushroom Cup though…

Those karts drop like rocks when they get hit by red shells!

More pictures are compiling and brewing. Last week was a tough one on me, but this week already looks better so hopefully I’ll start prepping more picture posts soon. Wanted to share some of our weekend fun though.

Don’t forget the Darkmoon Faire is out this week in WoW too! Thought I should relink a classic MoM post for the occasion.


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