Review: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Fantasy Roleplaying Fundamentals (D&D Boxed Game)

I posted this review on the item itself but it seemed fitting to post here as well. Somewhere it’ll get lost in my shuffle of posts, not the shuffle of dozens of reviews.

I have a team of green heroes. Couple this with the free to download and use starter rules PDF and use the rules booklet here as an additional guide to pass around the table.

If you want to start a group of new players, veteran players, or a mix, this offers a new set of dice (who can’t turn that down!?), some premade characters (gee their rolls were bad for making those guys), and an adventure that looks like it will keep on giving, especially if you’re waiting the month for the player’s handbook… and even if you’re not, this is a great investment to see if your group will even want to spend the money on the new version’s player’s handbook.

The adventure is easily tweakable, the background information in chapter one will likely fill a night or two plus the extra quests and adventures after the first chapter will keep you coming back long after the handbook has released.

I look forward to continuing to DM for my group with this ally.


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