An Excerpt From my Currently Reading…

Then, I came to you with the sound of battle ringing
in my ears – the screams of men I have known.
Your touch made it fade.
Now, there are dark nights and sometimes darker days,
Yet there are also your eyes. They find who I am;
they pierce through me like a lance.

I am pinned forever in your gaze.
And speaking of forever, I do not know what will come.
But my home is in your touch and in your eyes —
and when you laugh, it lifts my soul to the sky
and reminds me what could be.
There is no greater universe than holding you:
Then — or now — or forever.

From Angel Fever by L.A. Weatherly but immediately made me think of my Redflare and the path we’ve paved. Especially after a long day, seeing her light up a window as I pull up to OUR house.

A year ago we faced uncertainty. Today we face triumph.


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